ZedBar Gift Card

ZedBar Gift Cards

Looking for that perfect gift? Something for the person who has everything! ZedBar now have their very own Gift Card!

Purchased to the denomination of your choice, these gift cards can be used for all food & beverage purchases and they can also be recharged for the gift that keeps on giving!

A ZedBar Gift Card is also a great way to control your spend for a night out... Simply purchase a gift card at the start of the night, then use with every purchase instead of having to carry cash and pockets full of dreaded coins!

If you don't use it all it will still be there for the next night out.
Don't forget you can also top-up the card! No more throwing out a gift card with a few dollars on it...

Purchase Online Now!

ZedBar now offers you the ability to purchase new gift cards and recharge current gift cards all online!
Simply select the value gift card you wish to purchase and click "Buy Now",
or if you are recharging - be sure to enter your existing gift card number which is located on the bottom right of the Gift Card.

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Recharge Existing Gift Card

Gift Card Value

Please note that when purchasing online
there is a $5.50 Postage & Handling fee
applied on checkout. All Gift Cards are
sent through Registered Post.

 All Payments are 100% Secure though PayPal

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